Our Offices


We opened our newly renovated Lawrenceville, NJ offices in October, 2008, installing the latest in technology and equipment to enhance our patient's care. Please scroll below for details on the benefits of each of the major advances that we have available for you, from a focus on patient education and state of the art sterilization equipment to a digital Panorex.


Our state of the art sterilization equipment uses the latest in dental cassettes and sterilization technology to assure that all instruments are 100% safe. Our system allows for individual sets of instruments to be cleaned and sterilized in their own dental cassette that is only opened for ready withdrawal during patient treatment.


Each of our treatment chairs is equipped with a side-mounted video monitor. These monitors are used to show patients their individual pictures, taken with an intraoral camera, or their digital x-rays. Equipped with the latest in patient interface software, the monitors are also a major part of our emphasis on patient-education, as they allow us to demonstrate treatment options through video simulations and to discuss pros and cons of each option in depth. The monitors are also available for television viewing while in the treatment chair.


We have installed a Digital Panorex X-ray machine, the latest technology in dental x-rays, in order to obtain "panoramic" digital views of our patient's teeth. The machine makes an entire half-circle motion to capture an image of the entire oral cavity. Like digital X-rays, digital Panorex X-rays reduce the amount of radiation patients are exposed to with standard X-rays by up to 90 percent. Digital Panorex X­rays are only necessary on initial visits and every few years thereafter.